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January. 1933

The 400-share lot transactions were begun on June 4. 1931, and were completed on December 28, 1932. This showed a net profit of $90,570 after deduction of $5,121 for commissions and taxes.
August 5. 1933

Covering the period from April 1st to July 31st, 1933, you made a total of 344 trades in stocks, cotton, rubber and grain.
310 of these trades showed profits and 34 showed losses. Your percentage of accuracy was 89% on the total number of trades. The capital with which you operated was increased 26 ½ times. On each $1,000 capital with which you started, you made a profit of $26,500.00 net. This was after paying all taxes, interest and commissions and deductions of all losses.

Yours very truly
Certified Public Accountant
New York, N.Y


May. 1933

I have examined the broker’s statements and trades made by W.D. Gann during the month of April, 1933.

They Show profits as follows:

Cotton Account      $8,136.29
Rubber Account     $1,387.01
Grain Account      $758.30

During that time there was only one loss of $39.25, and the above profits are net after payment of broker’s commissions. There were other trades in cotton, rubber and stocks at the end of the month that had not been closed out, which showed profits.
When the trading on the above account was started, the greatest risk taken was $800, or in other words, if the stop loss orders had been caught, the loss would have been $800.





From August 1 to December 31:

Total number of trades—135— of which 112 showed profits and 23 losses.
Percentage of accuracy on the total number of trades—————83%
Percentage of profits to losses———————————–89.9%
Total number of trades for the entire year of 1933: 479 trades, of which 422 were profits and 57 showed losses.
Percentage of accuracy——————————————88.1%
 Percentage of profits on capital used——————————4000% or 40 for 1


From January 1 to December 31:

Total number of trades—362.
Cotton – 147 trades, of which 135 showed profits and 12 losses.
Grain – 170 trades, of which 161 showed profits and 9 losses.
Rubber – 23 trades, of which 21 showed profits and 2 losses.
Silver – 7 trades, of which 7 showed profits and 0 loss.
Silk – 4 trades, of which 3 showed profits and 1 loss.
Stocks – 11 trades, of which 10 showed profits and 1 loss.
Total for year.362 trades, of which 337 showed profits and 25 losses.
Percentage of accuracy on the total number of trades—————-93.09%
Percentage of profits to losses————————————93.10%
 Percentage of profits on capital used——————————800% or 8 for 1


Total trades in Cotton, Grain and Rubber—98—of which 83 showed profits and 15 showed losses.
Percentage of accuracy on the total number of trades—————–85%
Percentage of profits to losses————————————-82%
Percentage of profits on capital used——————————-336%

Total number of trades—34—of which 29 showed profits and 5 losses.
Percentage of accuracy on the total number of trades—————–85.5%
Percentage of profits to losses————————————-83%
Percentage of profits on capital used——————————-100%
Such a record of accuracy proves that W.D. Gann has discovered a Master Time Factor and a Cycle Theory that works and can be depended upon in future.

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